Heat wave in France: “As of Friday, we will have a panic of mercury with 40°C”

Heat wave in France: “As of Friday, we will have a panic of mercury with 40°C”

The heat wave arriving from Spain is set up this Wednesday in France by the south of the country, with temperatures which will often exceed 30 degrees in most regions. The mercury should panic again by crossing the 40°C threshold on Friday.

In the wake of the hot air mass coming from the Maghreb via Spain, the maximum will often exceed 30 degrees this Wednesday afternoon in most regions of France, except from northern Brittany to North- of-Pas-de-Calais, according to Météo-France.

The thermometer will climb from 30 to 33 degrees from the Pays de Loire to the Paris region and the Grand-Est; 31 to 36 degrees in general over the rest of the country, and locally 36/37 degrees in the South-West and in the lower Rhône valley.

By the weekend, this heat wave will intensify further with “maximum values ​​of 35 to 39 degrees in the South-West up to the Charentes, as well as in the Mediterranean regions and going up in the Rhône valley”according to Météo-France.

“From Friday we have a panic of mercury with 40°C regularly reached in the South-West and possible as far as the Loire, as in the Rhône valley”, told AFP Olivier Proust, forecaster for Météo-France.

We should also expect a “extension Saturday with a stifling hot flash brought by a strengthening of the southerly wind on the northern half”. The “settling” is not expected before Sunday.

A “remarkably early” heat wave

Signs of global warming, heat waves are increasing in the world, including in France where this episode is qualified as “remarkably precocious” by the forecaster Météo-France.

This heat wave that comes after a dry spring and winter “has an aggravating effect on soil dryness” and accentuates “the risk of forest fire”, warns M. Proust.

In this stifling context, more than 500,000 high school students worked for 4 hours on the dreaded philosophy test, with plenty of water, in bottles and sprayers. “It’s complicated to do four hours in the heat”estimates Carolina, 18, a few minutes from the event at the general high school Victor-Louis de Talence, in the suburbs of Bordeaux.

In this high school, the examination rooms have been set up “on the north face” away from the scorching sun. Here the staff has “Be very careful to choose the coolest ones and to ventilate them since 5:30 a.m. this morning. The principals in this academy have already experienced heat waves, they are really well versed”notes Anne Bisagni-Faure, rector of the Academy of Bordeaux.

“It’s becoming unlivable!”

In his university residence in Toulouse, Gabriel already finds the atmosphere “insupportable”. “I can’t open the only window in my 20 m2 apartment because it overlooks a garden where there are a lot of insects. And the bathroom ventilation hasn’t worked for three days,” he testifies.

Same discomfort for Louis Layrac, 23, an apprentice in industrial maintenance in the pink city. “With the blouse, the safety shoes, it becomes unlivable”he assures.

Some companies adjust working hours, especially on construction sites. “At the moment, we start earlier, 6:30-7:00 a.m. instead of 8:00 a.m. On the other hand, once we have started pouring it (concrete, editor’s note), we cannot stop, we have to go all the way”, explains Emmanuel Corbi, on a construction site in Toulouse.

Measures to relieve residents

For their part, the communities are increasing the measures to relieve the residents. In Lille, the town hall will set up a reduced rate in municipal swimming pools as soon as the “orange” heat wave alert is issued for its citizens.

In Lyon, the environmental municipality has extended the opening hours of parks and gardens, refilled certain fountains stopped due to Covid-19 and published an interactive map of fresh places and routes, such as museums open free of charge for the occasion. .

In the Tarn, one of the departments placed in yellow vigilance, the mayor of the village of Saint-Benoît-de-Carmaux has decided to close the municipal school on Thursday and Friday, while providing a daycare service for families who need it. .

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