Heatwave: 10 tips for getting through the heat wave, and what you should not do

We almost tended to forget it after the rotten summer of 2021, but it can sometimes be very hot in Belgium. This Friday and Saturday, we will reach and exceed the bar of 30 degrees. The opportunity to find ideas to cool off and face this first heat stroke. Gadgets, food and even cosmetics, everything goes.

1. Drink plenty, but not too cold or too hot

When you sweat profusely, you dream of an iced tea or a large glass of water with ice cubes. But if it does a lot of good at the time, it gives you heat by rebound effect because the body will have to draw on its reserves to maintain an ideal body temperature. So do you have to run on coffee or tea? Not either, for the same explanation: the body will have to work to cool down and you will be even hotter. The ideal is therefore to be content with lukewarm drinks.

2. Eat cold, and think about fruits and vegetables… spicy

A scientific study proved a few years ago that eating foods like celery, cucumber or melon was ideal in hot weather. They contain a lot of water and help with hydration. Finally, favor cold dishes, but not too much. Same explanation as for drinks, so forget the ice cream… Some professionals even advise eating… spicy. It can make you sweat, but sweating is actually a cooling mechanism in the body. On the other hand, it is then necessary to remember to drink a lot to avoid dehydration.

3. Ventilate and seal your home

Keeping your home bearable requires air management throughout the day. If the sun is beating down on a room, close everything and wait until it is gone to ventilate as much as possible. Creating drafts is also ideal for circulating fresh air throughout the house.

4. “Improved” fans

The fan will surely be your best friend day and night. But if its simple use is good, it will only brew hot air. Two techniques exist to create freshness. One is to place a damp cloth in front of the fan, the other is to place ice cubes. And why not both ?

5. Turn off all heat sources

Remember to unplug all unnecessary devices that all produce heat, sometimes even very light. The sum of everything can save a little freshness.

6. Wear loose clothing

This will help let the skin breathe, and it works even better with clothes made from natural fibers like cotton, silk, or linen.

7. Spray yourself with water in the right places

When you don’t know how to take a shower, you tend to wet your face or arms, but certain specific places will be more effective, such as the temples, the back of the knees or the inside of the elbows.

8. Gadgets can help

We’ve all seen people walking around with a battery-operated mini-fan. We also think of the eternal fan, or the refreshing cushion.

9. We think of cosmetics

Today there are creams that give a cold effect on the skin for a few minutes. Better known, mattifying paper helps prevent perspiration and keep skin clean and fresh.

10. The cold shower, a false good idea

We’ve all done it before and it feels great. But the heat will come back again when the body gets back to temperature. Unless you take showers every hour, unfortunately, there is no point.

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