Heaven’s Vault finally gets a physical edition on Switch and PS4

Strictly Limited Games announces that it will release an exclusive limited edition of Heaven’s Vault on Switch and PlayStation 4, in partnership with the developers ofinkle.

Praised for its narrative depth and gameplay around exploring and deciphering an ancient language, Heaven’s Vault is already a timeless classic. Box release now ensures a permanent physical legacy for Heaven’s Vault and includes unique collectibles transcribed with never-before-seen ancient texts, well-aligned with the in-game archeology theme. Pre-orders will launch on June 12, at midnight, only at Strictly Limited Games.

Nominated at the BAFTA, winner of the Independent Games Festival in the category “Best Storytelling” and honored several times as one of the 10 best games of 2019 (The New Yorker, Mashable, GamesIndustry.biz), Heaven’s Vault is a game of adventure like no other. Every choice matters, as adaptive storytelling reacts to your decisions and the game expands with every replay, unlocking deeper secrets.

Elder, the hieroglyphic language at the center of Heaven’s Vault, is a comprehensive language created for the game that includes around 3,000 words. A language that an active fan community is constantly discovering, discussing, and even expanding beyond the scope of the game. But it’s not just the language that makes Heaven’s Vault special. Progress through the game in any order you choose; the game’s fully adaptable narrative remembers your every choice, discovery, and action, influencing what happens next. Meet various characters who remember everything you say and whose attitude towards you changes depending on your behavior. Who will you trust? What will you discover? What will you risk? It’s up to you to decide !

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