here is Luc Trullemans’ special bulletin, “the temperatures forecast for this Friday and Saturday”

The IRM warns Friday against the heat wave which will intensify in the coming days in Belgium and will be accompanied by extreme temperatures. Code orange will apply on Saturday in the provinces of Limburg, Liège and Luxembourg.

Particularly hot currents will reach the country from France. A yellow level warning was issued for this Saturday in the center and west of the country (except for the Coast) because the maximum temperatures will be above 32 degrees in many places, details the IRM. In the east, the alert level is even placed in orange since the mercury could reach 35 degrees there, or even locally exceed them.

In the province of Luxembourg, the heat warning is already in force on Friday and extends over several days, since the criteria for a heat wave are reached there in Virton.

During the code orange phase, it is recommended to drink regularly, to dress lightly, to spend your days in cool places, to split food portions or to avoid outside heat by closing doors and windows.

The special bulletin of Luc Trullemans

In a special notice, Luc Trullemans shared the temperatures forecast for this Friday and Saturday, around 5 p.m., by the fine mesh models (ICON 2km and Arôme 1km). “These values ​​are generally close to the maximum which can locally reach 1 to 2º more by hyper adiabatic effect on very dry ground (for example in agglomerations, on sandy soils and in certain well-cleared valleys)”, explains the meteorologist.


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