Here is the list of Samsung TV models compatible with the new Xbox app

Here is the list of Samsung TV models compatible with the new Xbox app

On June 9, Microsoft and Samsung announced a new project. Clearly, Microsoft will integrate the Xbox experience directly into the Korean giant’s smart TVs.

The Xbox app, which will now stream around 100 Xbox games, will launch on 2022 Samsung TVs on June 30. The manipulation will be done without console or additional equipment, with the exception of a controller. Players will therefore be able to enjoy a catalog made up of more than 100 Xbox games in free access, without having to buy a console or PC.

As a result of this collaboration, the Xbox application will only be available on Samsung Smart TVs equipped with the cross-platform open source Tizen 6.5 operating system. 2021 Samsung models are stuck on Tizen 6.0, 2020 models on Tizen 5.5, and so on. In other words, only the 27 countries where the launch of the new Gaming Hub is planned will be able to benefit from it.

Here is the full list of compatible models:

  • Samsung S95B
  • Samsung QN900B
  • Samsung QN800B
  • Samsung QN700B
  • Samsung QN95B
  • Samsung QN90B
  • Samsung QN85B
  • Samsung QN80B
  • Samsung QN70B
  • Samsung QN60B
  • Samsung The Frame 2022
  • Samsung BU8500

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