Hollywood star salaries skyrocketed in 2022: Here are the 15 biggest acting salaries

Daniel Craig and Dwayne Johnson lead the way with salaries of $50 million per film.

If there is one subject that has everyone shaking right now, it’s inflation. Faced with the electricity bill, when filling up with gas or simply going shopping, it’s hard not to worry about rising prices.

But, it is well known, the misfortune of some is the happiness of others. And not everyone is complaining, far from it, about this soaring price. In Hollywood, it even delights the stars, whose fees have started to rise again, thanks in particular to streaming. Most of the major studios also have their own platform, so they seek to attract as many living room moviegoers as possible by offering blockbusters very quickly, even at the same time as the theatrical release. With a loss of income for the actors most in demand, often recipients of a percentage of the box office receipts. Therefore, a compensation system, called “streaming back-end buyout”, is then proposed, with an upward effect on the amounts in the contracts.

In other cases, the new digital media giants are offering staggering sums to actors for feature films intended for their exclusive use, without going to the big screens. In this area, Netflix has hit particularly hard. By offering a $100 million contract to Daniel Craig for the two sequels to knives drawn. A real madness, insofar as the 2019 police investigation had cost only 40 million dollars and had brought in 311 worldwide, a nice cost-benefit ratio but not an exceptional score justifying such an expense.

Streaming platforms pay more

A strategy shared by Amazon Prime. Who offered 50 million dollars (30 in salary and 20 in compensation) to Dwayne Johnson for RedOnean action and adventure film imagined by the screenwriter of several Fast&Furious, Chris Morgan. A choice doubly less risky than that of its competitor: not only is Amazon only committing to one film (if the sequel to Knives Out is a flop, it is unlikely that the third installment will attract the crowd), but in Besides, it bets on the box office champion of recent years.

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