HOPE – A derivative of cholesterol against cancers

HOPE – A derivative of cholesterol against cancers

This cholesterol-derived lipid is a natural antitumor molecule. In addition to acting on tumor cells, it releases exosomes (small vesicles) throughout the body, stimulating the entire immune system.

The Toulouse center is already in the pre-clinical phase, and is aiming for the future use of DDA in certain therapies against breast and thyroid cancers, against leukaemia, etc. This molecule should thus complete the possibilities of immunotherapy. The results obtained in this area are already remarkable, including with very aggressive cancers.

At the same time, researchers have identified that cholesterol is involved in the aging process. Work has revealed new relevant biomarkers of metabolic dysregulation linked to aging and “ highlight promising targets for the development of anti-aging agents and preventives of age-related diseases. This opens up prospects for new strategies aimed at delaying aging and preventing diseases associated with it such as cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. “. Holy cholesterol!

The Cancer Research Center of Toulouse, located in the heart of the Oncopole, brings together 18 teams and 4,000 members, with an integrated approach between research, care and teaching, in a transversal and multidisciplinary logic.


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