How to cancel or edit a message already sent in Messages

This is one of the flagship features of iMessage freshly landed with iOS 16.

This Monday, Apple lifted the veil on iOS 16, the future major update to its operating system. If all eyes were on the flamboyant now customizable lock screen, an Apple application has also received a lot of new features.

That app is iMessage. Little by little, the headed messaging application is getting closer to its competitors, Messenger or WhatsApp. It’s only been a few months since iMessage has made it possible to identify someone in a message or to make FaceTime calls with up to 32 participants. From now on, and like its competitors, iMessage allows you to delete a message already sent or to modify it.

When you have installed iOS 16 and want to send a message to someone using iMessage, you should know that you have 15 minutes to cancel the sending or to modify this message. After pressing Sendtap and hold on said message to access options.

Alongside the Translate, Reply or Copy buttons now appear Cancel send and Edit.

The undo feature is only available for those who have iOS 16 installed. On the other hand, if you delete a message sent to someone who has not installed the update, you will receive a small alert stating that “the interlocutor will always see the message”.

Finally, if you want to modify a message, nothing could be simpler. By selecting the option, you can directly edit the text. Your iPhone will then correct the message sent to the other person. A small “Modified” below the message will indicate to your correspondent that the message has been changed.

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