How to hide the mention “seen” on WhatsApp from certain contacts

How to hide the mention “seen” on WhatsApp from certain contacts

Don’t want certain contacts to know that you’ve read their messages, especially if you don’t intend to reply to them? From now on, you can deactivate the mention seen » on WhatsApp for the contacts of your choice.

Leaving a “seen” message on WhatsApp has become a source of stress and guilt. We all have hundreds of good (and not so good) reasons for taking the time to reply to a message: because you’re at a restaurant, at the office, on the road or because you just didn’t feel like it.

Since June 16, 2022WhatsApp has integrated a new possibility: you can choose not to display that you have read a message in WhatsApp, to the contacts of your choice.

How to hide your “seen” from certain contacts on WhatsApp

If you don’t feel like replying to all your messages, but also want to avoid leaving a “seen” unanswered, here are the steps to follow to choose who to remove this mention from on WhatsApp.

  • Enter “Settings”, then click on “Account”;
  • Click on “Privacy”;
  • In the “Seen at” box, choose “My contacts except”, then exclude the contacts from whom you want to remove the mention.
whatsapp seen except
Remove the “seen” mention from certain contacts only. // Source: WhatsApp screenshots on iOS

Note that if you do not share your “seen” with certain contacts, you too will not be able to see the mention concerning them on your messages. It is also not possible to hide your presence when you are “online” or “writing”.

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