“I don’t give a damn about ecology”: the words of a famous French lawyer spark controversy

“I don’t give a damn about ecology”: the words of a famous French lawyer spark controversy

At a time when the IPCC is multiplying alarming reports on global warming and when experts unanimously agree on the urgency of reacting to reverse the trend, some still seem to doubt climate change.

This Monday evening, the French lawyer and columnist on RMC, Sarah Saldmann, made remarks that were controversial to say the least. “Personally, I don’t give a damn about ecology, it doesn’t interest me”, said the lawyer live on the show “Les Grandes Gueules”. “I first see my interest and possibly afterwards, that of the planet“.

With these statements, the lawyer trained at the Paris Bar wanted to respond to the injunctions of the Minister for Ecological Transition, Amélie de Montchalin, who recently invited citizens to pay attention to their air conditioning consumption.

I would like those people who give this advice to apply it to themselves“, insisted Sarah Saldmann. “I’m even going to buy an air conditioner, she made me think of it“, she also continued as a provocation.

When there are people who come to vote by private jet, I like to be asked for this kind of instructions“, she tackled again, referring to the former Prime Minister Jean Castex, who had flown to vote in the first round of the presidential election in his town of Prades (Pyrénées-Orientales).

“Ecology is not an opinion”

The comments of the columnist did not go unnoticed and were quickly condemned by several defenders of ecology.

Environmental journalist Hugo Clément, famous for his positions, described the RMC channel as “irresponsible” for having broadcast such statements in the middle of prime time. He also responded to comments from some Internet users, who defended the lawyer’s freedom of expression. “The problem is not that she thinks it and that she says it, but that a radio broadcasts this discourse massively. Ecology is not an “opinion” like any other, it is a question of survival“, hammered the journalist from France Info.

The writer and activist Cyril Dion also reacted to the statements of the RMC columnist. “Personally, I don’t give a damn about Sarah Saldmanndebuted the director of the film “Tomorrow”.What I can’t give a damn about is that we give voice in the major media, at prime time, to people who reach such degrees of debility.

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