“I should have done justice myself”

“I should have done justice myself”

Perfectinnois entrepreneur, Dorian Scohy told us a unique story, which began with the regular passage of a vehicle registered in France in front of his workshop.

“I kept watch with a friend to catch them in the act, because the occupants had been doing scouting for two weeks while driving by,” says Dorian. Their actions were indeed suspicious.

▶▶ On Tuesday evening, Dorian and his friend called the police while chasing these people in their car. “The police have arrived. They only checked the identity of the passengers. These people apparently said they were picking flowers at 12:20 a.m.! »

▶▶ The entrepreneur hasn’t lost his temper since: “I should have taken the law into my own hands. “He does not intend to stop there.

▶▶ Here is the reaction of the Namur police in this case.


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