“I was treated like a criminal”

“I was treated like a criminal”

If he had known! Jack Dunn, 23, had arguably one of the worst travel starts of his life because of a little-known rule in the Americas. When he had just landed on the island of Hawaii, where he was to stay for 4 months, he was arrested, searched, and imprisoned, then put on a plane for Australia.

All because of a little-known entry requirement for flying into the United States, and the student broke it!

He simply did not have… a visa! As the Guardian AU tells us. He had requested a visa waiver for his trip and had been told that he had to prove that he planned to leave the United States at the end of his stay. When you don’t have a visa, to prove your departure, you must already have booked your return flight or continue your journey to a country that is not bordering the United States. But then Jack wanted to go to Mexico. He therefore did not fit the conditions!

Everything happened so fast. Arrested as soon as he arrived, he was placed in an interrogation cell by customs. Without Wifi, and without a phone, he could not contact his relatives or even book another flight to join the ranks.

He was taken to the Honolulu Federal Detention Center. There he was stripped naked and subjected to a thorough strip search, stripped naked.

Jack told the Guardian: “In prison, the guards and inmates have no idea what you’re there for, they just assume that this kid has done something wrong. They treat you like a criminal, they treat you like shit. I don’t want anyone else to go through what I went through.”


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