Ice Watch: your wrist is regenerated in light!

Once again, the Ice-Watch company has surprised us with its “ICE solar power” collection, which is very much in tune with the times. Between a concern for long-term operation and that of renewable energies, Ice-Watch offers a whole new kind of time-teller operating thanks to solar energy. Concretely, the ICE solar power draws its capacities from sunlight, via invisible sensors, creating an accessory that is renewable, infinitely, and respectful of the environment. The ICE solar power works without any batteries, which makes our life a lot easier, no wonder! Faithful to the values ​​of the brand, this prototype intends to respond to its very current aspirations: optimism, simplicity, accessibility, and of course, the cult of color. To represent it, the brand has appointed an ambassador with a close and sincere personality: Tatiana Silva. A citizen of the world, she corresponds perfectly to the international and intercultural time of Ice-Watch. Thus, wearing this accessory in 2022 will obviously mark a very sure taste in the field of watchmaking, but also and above all a proof of commitment in the daily fight against pollution and global warming. Keen to satisfy everyone, a large mixed collection with dozens of models is now available, always displaying the main guidelines that these timeless have always constituted: a sleek, colorful, tonic and timeless design. Whatever one may say, this second skin allows you to have fun, to give pleasure, and this, with the most total respect for the material and our dear planet!

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