Immersion in the Médipôle blood bank

Tuesday was World Blood Donor Day. On this occasion, we were authorized to follow the chain of donations to the Médipôle blood bank. A high-tech service that supplies New Caledonia as well as Wallis and Futuna.

Welcome to the STS, the blood transfusion service of the Médipôle. This is where the blood bank is located, which supplies raw materials to public hospitals and private clinics in New Caledonia, but also in Wallis and Futuna. In other words, the needs are permanent.

With the recent cardiac surgery mission that took place on the Caillou for the past two weeks, the stock of red cell bags was around 200 units instead of the usual 500. “Not only are the stocks not good, but in addition, some groups are completely missing from our blood bank.“, warns Maxime Raz, hemobiologist at the Médipôle.

A+, O+, O-… the operations must not be hampered by a lack of blood that can be transfused immediately and without any risk for the recipient. The patients are already known, so we can already know their blood groups and be in a certain perspective in order to anticipate transfusions. But for that, you have to have the necessary stock… This is why we are asking the population to mobilize “, explains Fabienne Valette, health manager at the Médipôle transfusion center.

Once at STS, all donation samples go through extensive testing, which can take up to 24 hours. “This machine, which is among the most sensitive on the market, allows us to look for blood-borne agents, such as hepatitis, HIV or even dengue.“, specifies Maxime Raz. Viruses, bacteria, parasites, nothing escapes the professionals of this micro-biological technology.

It is only after having met the various security and compatibility criteria that the blood can be sent by automaton to the department concerned.

But saving the sick is a chain whose main link remains the donation. If you want to show solidarity and donate blood, you can make an appointment online or call the free number: 055 100. For more information, consult our file here.

Also find the intervention of Gérard Joyault, president of the association of voluntary blood donors of New Caledonia, guest on the set of our JT this Tuesday:


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