In Europe, there will be no more sales of diesel or petrol cars from 2035: MEPs approve

With 13 years to change the most important industry in terms of jobs in Europe, “entering electromobility is a way to protect both the climate and jobs in this sector over time“, confirms German MEP Michael Bloss (Greens).

A historic opportunity to end our dependence on oil

In addition, “the phasing out of combustion engines is a historic opportunity to end our dependence on oil”while the increased production of electric vehicles will help to lower the price, welcomes Alex Keynes, of the NGO Transport & Environment.

The right, which logically voted against the entire text, is however alarmed by the industrial consequences.

“Imposing ‘zero emissions’ would amount to condemning a whole section of industrial activity and would strongly penalize consumers.“, estimates Agnès Evren (EPP).

She criticizes a text which “will prevent the marketing of high-performance hybrid vehicles or vehicles using biofuels”, the production of which could prove to be cheaper and less carbon-emitting than electric vehicles.

The measure is part of a climate plan examined since Tuesday by MEPs meeting in session in Strasbourg. The idea is to put the European Union on the path to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

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