Instax launches the mini Link 2 instant printer L’Éclaireur Fnac

A subsidiary of Fujifilm, Instax reigns supreme in the compact photo printer market. A position that it intends to preserve by launching the mini Link 2.

You might as well write it: this new edition does not upset a well-tested formula. Its design evolves marginally, and has little to do with the Instax Mini 40. But the mini Link 2 offers some new features that could make the difference.

Filters and augmented reality

By definition, a printer is not a very versatile object. But if it is backed by quality software, the creativity of photographers is increased tenfold.

Also, the biggest novelty of the Instax mini Link 2 is probably the instaxAiR function, integrated into the Instax application. Thanks to this, you can draw directly on the photos to make them unique. There are of course several effects: neon, petals, glitter, paint and bubbles.

The printer can also be used to make lightpainting in augmented reality. After pressing the action button on the mini Link 2, it will vibrate and allow you to draw in the air. A work that we will only discover by picking up the phone that is filming us.

In addition, several image filters are also available. And you can put some 1600 stickers on your images directly from the application.

A very connected printer

That’s not all: the mini Link 2 can also be used as a remote control to trigger the shutter. Just launch the dedicated application and stand in front of the lens. By tilting the printer forwards or backwards, you can zoom in or out in the image in order to rework its frame.

The mini Link 2 is also capable… of printing videos! At least QR codes that link to a short video. Still, the application allows you to shoot small sequences and select the plan you want to keep on glossy paper.

Owners of a Fujifilm X-S10 camera will be delighted to learn that the Instax mini Link 2 can be paired with it effortlessly and thus easily develop their shots.

The mini Link 2 will be available in three colors©Fujifilm

For the technical part, the mini Link 2 prints on 86 x 54 mm film (instax mini) in a resolution of 318 dpi and on 256 levels per color. It takes about 12 seconds to develop an image, and its autonomy allows about 100 impressions. The printer charges via a micro USB port.

The Instax mini Link 2 will be available on June 22 for €129.99.

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