Interceptor on Netflix: is a sequel planned despite the bad reviews?  – Cinema news

Interceptor on Netflix: is a sequel planned despite the bad reviews? – Cinema news

Audience success but critical disappointment, the action film Interceptor continues to impose itself in the top 10 Netflix since its release at the beginning of June. What give hope to the director about a possible sequel!

Worn by Elsa Pataky, Interceptor is not one of Netflix’s masterpieces. On the contrary, the nag action film was rather brought down by critics and Internet users. This did not prevent him from rising to the top of the platform’s rankings for many days. A success that even surprised its director, Matthew Reilly.

If he wasn’t expecting such a big hit, the novice (this is his first achievement!) was nevertheless confident enough to write a sequel to the adventures of Captain JJ Collins, as he confided to variety. “Netflix likes it“, he added. However, the platform has not yet given it the green light to launch production.

To Entertainment WeeklyMatthew Reilly gave some clues about what we could see in this second opus: “Well, in the final scene of Interceptor – spoiler alert if you haven’t seen it – the president invites [l’héroïne] to come and work in his national security team. So maybe the president will be involved in Interceptor 2.

More budget, more scale

In any case, the filmmaker sees things big for this sequel since he also declared: “Interceptor was my first film. I didn’t have a lot of money, but I had energy and enthusiasm, and I compare it to the first Mad Max or the first Terminator, which were films by filmmakers who did great things through the following.

I’m not saying I’m like them, but George Miller made Mad Max with what he had and James Cameron made Terminator with what he had, and they found an audience. And when they had more money, Miller did The Road Warrior, and Cameron did Aliens and Terminator 2.

And to conclude:I did the best I could with what I had, and if I have another chance, Interceptor 2 is a much bigger idea than Interceptor. I wish I had the resources to do something bigger.

The stars of Thor 4 in the casting?

Matthew Reilly also allowed himself to dream of a new recruit for this second film: Natalie Portman, of whom he is “a big fan”. “We could put her in Interceptor 2. I could do that. She is fabulous”, he thus confided to EW about the actress who will soon be found in the cinema in Thor: Love and Thunder.


For Variety, he also returned to the cameo of Chris Hemsworth – husband of Elsa Pataky in the city – in the feature film and on his possible return in the sequel.

I don’t want to speak for him, but I think Interceptor was a one time deal. But let’s say the sequence is about 10 times bigger. If he wants to be there, I’m sure we can put him somewhere“, he said, recalling in passing his desire to make a film of much greater magnitude than the first which takes place almost behind closed doors. The ball is in Netflix’s court!

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