“It’s so difficult to see your children suffer”, testifies his mother

Two years ago, in June 2020, Marie and her family learned that the young woman, then just 20 years old, suffered from very serious leukemia. “Marie was a student to become a social worker at the HEH in Tournai and in June 2020, when she was taking her exams, she did not feel very well and was very tired. On the day of her last exam, she went for a blood test at noon.

The young woman did not expect her life to be turned upside down a few hours later. “The same day, given the results of the blood test, we were told very quickly that there was a problem and we sent Marie for tests. At 8 p.m., she packed her bag for the hospital and was rushed to Ghent hospital for haematology. We learned at midnight that Marie was suffering from leukemia. We often talk about chronic or acute leukemia, but Marie had both kinds, she suffered from a very rare type of leukemia, ”says Valérie Voisin, her mother.

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