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Throwback to the day when Steven Spielberg, who had experienced a very complicated filming on “Jaws”, sent a nice message of encouragement to the director of the fourth opus in the franchise. Which would unfortunately turn out to be the worst.

That’s called having class. In the mid-1980s, shortly before the filming of Jaws: Revenge, the fourth installment of the famous franchise, Steven Spielberg sent a very nice message of encouragement to Joseph Sargent, the director of the film.

Spielberg, if he knew the glory by directing Jaws in 1975, probably does not keep an imperishable memory of the shooting, which was a real nightmare with problems of budget and planning. This is undoubtedly the reason why the American decided to boost the morale of his compatriot before he started shooting.

“I came home like a Vietnam veteran and tried never to think of the year 1974 until I came across the script for Jaws 4: Revenge. I went as far as page 18, finding myself with this service revolver, unloading it until it is emptied in the Atlantic Ocean (reference to a scene cut from the film with a grieving Lorraine Gray who plunges her policeman husband’s weapon into the water after the death of their son, editor’s note). I couldn’t continue reading because it brought back too many memories”writes Spielberg in this letter reported by the LA Times.

“Good luck, Joseph Sargent. Take lots of writer Joseph Conrad to read between takes. Call often those you love. With immense sympathy and two winks from my right eye. Steve”concludes Steven Spielberg.

This message of encouragement from a filmmaker who has suffered a lot on the set of a film is touching, but unfortunately it will not bring luck to Joseph Sargent. Jaws 4: Revenge, completed in just nine months, was a terrible critical and public failure. No more franchise films have seen the light of day since.

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