Jean-Luc Mélenchon: “If I am Prime Minister, Macron will try to kill me”

Two days before the first round of the legislative elections, Jean-Luc Mélenchon and the Nupes coalition find themselves at the center of attention. Indeed, they could undermine the absolute majority of Emmanuel Macron.

Last April, the leader of France Insoumise wanted to strike while the iron was hot. Eliminated in the first round with nearly 400,000 votes missing, the rebellious ex-candidate immediately launched the battle for the legislative elections.

“Elect me Prime Minister”we could hear him say in order to mobilize his troops and rally the left around his person.

He explains to our colleagues of The Express Why is he so sure of himself. “It’s a big makeover! I know my victory is possible. I’m not saying it’s certain or it’s done, but it is possible. I’m forced to maneuver based on that, in a sluggish campaign where I have an interest in constantly putting the climate.

“If I am Prime Minister, Macron will try to kill me”, he continues. The politician does not mince his words. Last week, he shocked by saying loud and clear that “the police kill” after the death of a passenger in a car who was the victim of police fire during a check in Paris.

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