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Back to the “Jurassic Park 4” project, a part of the saga that never saw the light of day, and whose scenario included some totally implausible concepts such as the presence… of human-dinosaur hybrids!

Almost 15 years separate the release of Jurassic Park III, directed by Joe Johnston in 2001, and that of Jurassic World, the first opus of the new trilogy initiated by Colin Trevorrow in 2015. A long period during which Michael Crichton’s dinosaurs completely deserted the big screen, even if they came very close to crunching a few unwary visitors in the mid-2000s.

Indeed, before the saga made a new start with Jurassic World, a fourth Jurassic Park was indeed in the works. Several draft scenarios have even been written, and details concerning the plot of one of them – totally far-fetched and improbable – have leaked on the web.

After momentarily considering a fourth opus centered on Alan Grant (Sam Neill) and Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) trying to stem the proliferation of dinosaurs in Costa Rica, the screenwriters thus had the idea of ​​devoting their new film to John Hammond (Richard Attenborough) and a new character, a mercenary named Nick Harris.

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The latter, mandated by the billionaire to recover Nedry’s famous shaving foam bomb (as well as the embryos) on Isla Nublar, was then kidnapped from his hotel and woke up in a castle in Switzerland: that of Baron Von Drax, whose Grendel Corporation had recently acquired InGen (John Hammond’s company).

Once there, Nick Harris discovered that the baron and his teams were engaged in obscure experiments, having given life to hybrid creatures destined to become elite soldiers.

Thanks to concept art drawn by the artist Carlos Huante (and published on his Instagram account in 2016), we can also see what the monsters in question would have looked like, at the crossroads of the dinosaur and the human, equipped guns and bulletproof vests.

After having followed a military training provided by Nick Harris (finally associated with the operations), the hybrids were sent on a mission to recover the daughter of Baron Von Drax, kidnapped by kidnappers.

This confusing draft script was signed by John Sayles, director of Lone Star and screenwriter of The Spiderwick Chronicles.

Even if some concepts – like the training of dinosaurs, the creation of hybrids or the return of the shaving foam bomb – were very slightly exploited afterwards (in the Jurassic World trilogy), the major part of this scenario is therefore skipped. And let’s admit that we easily understand why.

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