Jurassic World 3 Keeps Lead Just Ahead Of Top Gun, Amazing But True Wows

Jurassic World 3 Keeps Lead Just Ahead Of Top Gun, Amazing But True Wows

Jurassic World: The World After remains in first place while Top Gun: Maverick is not far behind and thatIncredible but true comes in force.

For its second week of operation in France, the bad Jurassic World: The World After did not struggle to hold its own at the top of the box office, ignoring calamitous feedback from critics and a skeptical public. Remaining one of the most anticipated entertainments of the year, it should still dominate admissions for some time even if it will probably not do as well as the other films in the saga.

So the new Jurassic World did half as well as its first week with just over 627,000 admissions. This still confirms the interest of the public even if this score is lower than that of the two previous opuses in the second week of operation: Jurassic World garnered an additional 1,012,256 when Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom had 671,556 spectators. Despite everything, with this second week, the film is close to 2 million cumulative admissions, already placing it as the ninth biggest hit at the French box office in 2022 in just a fortnight.

Now in second place, Top Gun: Maverick nonetheless remains the juggernaut of the French box office since the start of 2022. With its 471,000 and a few admissions for its fourth week, the gap is much smaller between him and Jurassic World. Even if it displays an average per copies is a little disappointing with more than 1016 screens at its disposal (nearly 200 more than Jurassic World 3), the feature film worn by Tom Cruise lost only 23.5% of attendance in the fourth week. A remarkable score for a blockbuster of this magnitude which will undoubtedly allow it to exceed the 4 million mark from next week.

The first novelty of the week is the new film by Quentin Dupieux, Incredible but true, who is on the third step of the podium. The very prolific director often manages to trigger a small phenomenon for each of his new feature films, arousing curiosity thanks to a brilliant casting and an intriguing pitch. Here, there is no exception since the absurd Incredible but true imposes itself with more than 133,000 admissions, the second best start of a film by the filmmaker (behind Steak and its 197,722 admissions and just ahead of the 130,505 spectators of Mandibles, released when theaters reopen in May 2021).

Incredible but true: Photo Alain Chabat, Anaïs Demoustier, Benoît MagimelA third place is something to celebrate

Champagne! is therefore stripped of its podium by another French comedy, and begins a tumble of -47% in its admissions from its second week, with around 68,000 spectators. Touching however almost 200,000 cumulative admissions, Nicolas Vanier’s comedy remains at a decent total score. It doesn’t do as well though as his previous films.more animalistic, as with its previous Poly, which reached 458,000 admissions in its first week.

Finally, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is inexorably running out of steam after seven weeks of operation and Marvel’s wizard is now no longer not very far from leaving the top 5. Still currently the second biggest success of the year on French soil, the film maintains an average of 149 spectators per print, an average similar to that of the mastodon Spider-Man: No Way Home at the same stage of operation. In any case, the contract seems fulfilled for Marvel since the film will leave its place without batting an eyelid to its MCU successor, Thor: Love and Thunderready to take over from July 13.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: photo, Rachel McAdams, Benedict Cumberbatch, Xochitl GomezHere the exit

Outside the top 5, Corsican comedy Brotherhood makes a very shy first week. Karole Rocher’s film with Thomas Ngijol only managed to attract 36,000 and a few curious people in theaters. With such a weak start, the feature film should not benefit from favorable word-of-mouth, especially since the criticism is rather very negative. We can therefore expect an even more fatal fall in the weeks to come. That’s wonderful ! in the same vein is still collapsing, with just over 25,000 admissions despite massive redistribution of the film in 123 theaters.

Even more impressive is Official Competition which wins 183 theaters this week (probably thanks to the dispatch in local cinemas). This does not prevent the Argentinian film from collapsing at the height of That’s wonderful !. The top 10 as a whole is suffering from a general decline in attendance, particularly for the excellent Men which was unceremoniously expelled from the top 5 with a drop of -39% and a total score of 60,250 spectators in two weeks (which is not so bad for a horror film so little identified and prohibited to less than 12 years). Finally, more positively, The Bad Guys do a unexpected rise to tenth position in the top with +16% admissions, i.e. more than 19,000 additional tickets sold.

The Bad Guys: PictureBack with a bang

The decline of the new Jurassic World is not trivial and we note an overall attendance of the rooms down this week with -32% attendance compared to last week. However, next week could revive attendance with a fairly impressive film program to open the summer.

The new Pixar, Buzz Lightning, is likely to fly to infinity and beyond – that is to say probably at least the top 3 at the box office. Can he fly higher than Tom Cruise? It’s not impossible, even if he will be confronted with the biopic signed by Baz Luhrmann, Elvismarking his comeback after Gatsby the magnificent and whose great musical spectacle should arouse some crowd movements. Finally, Scott Derrickson’s new horror film, Black Phone and comedy The perfect man could cause surprise. A busy week in perspective, and perhaps enough to stir up the ranking of films in the lead, for this start of the summer season.


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