Kwilu: 200 cases of measles notified in the province, vaccination starts this Monday

The vaccination of children against measles begins this Monday, June 13 in the province of kwilu. According to the provincial Minister of Health, Dr. Bena Musuy, this is one of the response measures against measles which is rampant in this province.

Dr. Bena Musuy specifies that this vaccination campaign concerns children from 6 to 59 months:

“This vaccination campaign begins on Monday with the support of WHO and UNICEF. We have already received inputs, we have received the vaccine, the funds and all the other tools are already available. So already Monday, the response will begin in the health zone of Vanga and Bulungu”.

It indicates that more than two hundred cases of measles have been reported throughout the province, including 13 confirmed by the National Institute for Biomedical Research (INRB). Two areas, namely Bulungu and Vanga, are the most affected, according to the same source.

“The province has recorded a total of more than 200 measles cases including 7 confirmed cases in Bulungu health zone and 6 confirmed cases in Vanga health zone. Bulungu recorded 152 cases while Vanga health zone recorded a total of 52,” reports the provincial health minister.

Dr. Bena Mutuyi asks parents to take advantage of the measles vaccination campaign, which began on Monday, to protect their children against this disease.

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