Kwilu: a first confirmed case of Monkeypox disease in Masimanimba

Kwilu: a first confirmed case of Monkeypox disease in Masimanimba


The provincial Minister of Health of Kwilu, Dr Bena Mutuyi, announced on Friday June 10 that confirmed cases of Monkeypox or monkey pox are recorded in the territory of Masimanimba and in other territories of his province.

In Masimanimba, the disease was notified a month ago, and in other territories suspected cases are reported.

“Well, the province has so far recorded 7 cases of Monkeypox, including one confirmed case in the Masimanimba health zone, and six suspected cases distributed as follows: the Gungu health zone with one suspected case. Mwanza with one suspected case, Kikongo one suspected case and Mokala with three suspected cases”detailed the Minister.

The patients are placed in isolation and are well taken care of, assured the minister who indicates that contact cases are all well followed.

“The confirmed case from Masimanimba health zone is progressing very well. The patient was isolated, he was treated symptomatically. You know so far the Monkeypox there is no vaccine, so he is fine, the last scabs are falling off. Even the contact cases have been followed up, and so far no contact case has shown signs of the disease.said Dr. Bena Mutuyi.

And to add that the samples of these suspect bags were sent to the National Institute of Biomedical Research (INRB) for further investigation.

“It is an eruptive disease that manifests as vesicular-papular rashes that will eventually fall off as the disease progresses. There’s the fever that accompanies that.”explained Dr. Mutuyi.

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