Lord – Xbox Series X: a copy entered the Guinness Book of Records

The PlayStation 5 the console of all records in terms of sales. That’s not the case with its competitor, the Xbox Series X. Microsoft’s video game platform fails to match or surpass the success of Sony’s. This does not prevent it from appearing in the Guinness Book of Records. A copy of the game console has just set an astonishing and unexpected record.

The biggest game console in the world

Who would have thought that it is its design that will allow the Xbox Series X console to enter the Guinness Book of Records? This same design, when it was released, was the subject of much mockery from gamers. Many had compared it to a fridge. In response, Microsoft did not hesitate to manufacture real Xbox Series X fridges. The little toy was marketed last year with impressive success. Check out this article to learn more about the famous Xbox fridge.

It is from this concept that YouTuber Michael Pick alias Casual Engineer was inspired. The latter claims to have been a little disappointed that the Xbox fridge is only used to keep beers cool and no more. So he built his own version of the refrigerator that includes a real working video game console. The result is stunning ! Quite simply, he built the biggest video game console in the world. it is 2 meters high. The feat has just entered the Guinness Book of Records.

A regular at objects of unusual size

This is not Michael Pick’s first attempt. The videographer has already made a name for himself on the Web for his surprisingly large objects. We already owe him the smallest iMac in the world or the largest Nerf gun. This time, he is therefore delighting the gaming universe with this console which far exceeds the size of a man. It would be difficult to get him into her living room. To say that many gamers found the PS5 to be too big compared to the old consoles. Michael Pick will have surprised them with his work.

The youtubeur also wanted to give meaning to the design of this console. There was no question of making it a superfluous object that was going to be stored and fall into oblivion. This giant Xbox Series X was offered to an association in the city of Atlanta. Children will then be able to play video games of their choice on the very large console. If you want to admire it and have the chance to play it, you will have to go to Atlanta where the big Xbox console is kept.

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