Luc Partoune, ex-boss of Liege Airport, was deprived of his freedom

Luc Partoune, ex-boss of Liege Airport, was deprived of his freedom

Luc Partoune, the former CEO of Liège airport, was deprived of his freedom on Friday.

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VFriday evening, after more than 24 hours of deprivation of liberty, Luc Partoune, the ex-CEO of Liege Airport, was presented to the investigating judge who had to decide whether or not to place him under arrest warrant, writes Sudinfo in its Saturday edition.

Another man was also deprived of his liberty. He is an employee of a company set up as part of the construction of buildings on behalf of Alibaba.

These two deprivations of liberty are part of the case put under investigation following a series of audits commissioned from Deloitte, a firm of auditors, by the new management of Nethys. That relating to Liège Airport, one of the subsidiaries of Nethys, had revealed, in February 2021, several serious malfunctions.

Several abnormalities

The “Forensic” report commissioned by Nethys, the majority shareholder of the airport, had pinpointed several anomalies between 2017 and 2020. Around forty potential offenses had been identified, in particular the lifestyle and the costs incurred by the ex-CEO of Liege Airport. Analysts at Deloitte had pinned the total opacity on public procurement, an absence of competition, controversial and costly consultancy missions, fictitious jobs and, finally, huge internal expense reports.

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