Macron facing the drawer issues of a decisive election

Macron facing the drawer issues of a decisive election

STORY – Entering the campaign late, the president fears a sham majority, even a relative majority.

The contract is drawn up, all that is missing is the signature. The one that the French will decide to affix or not on the evening of the second round of the legislative elections. Because, if the President of the Republic has achieved an unprecedented performance by being re-elected for a second term, nothing is really decided for him yet. Without an absolute majority in the National Assembly, it is impossible to apply its program. Worse, it is even that of Nupes that he would be imposed in the event of cohabitation with Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Dream scenario on one side, nightmare scenario on the other… And, between the two, multiple alternatives.

So many hypotheses for a drawer ballot, which Emmanuel Macron has given himself a month to open one after the other. Withdrawn since the end of April, the Head of State has taken “a few steps back” to observe the political landscape and witness the unexpected alliance of all the lefts against him. This is the main risk, the red alert. The dynamic is there. She makes a…

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