Mango and its health benefits on the human body

We are entering the mango season. As soon as summer approaches, particularly in Haiti, in all the bins, on the sidewalks at the market, we see this yellow fruit adored by many Haitians lying around. In Haiti there is a whole variety of them, including fransik mago, white madan, kon, tizuit, miska, wozaliamong others.

But regardless of the type of mangoes, they are very beneficial for health. In our Friday Gourmand section, learn about some health benefits of this fruit.

Studies carried out on the mango have concluded that its juice helps fight against certain types of cancer thanks to its high content of polyphenols. Although they do not yet determine whether its characteristics remain intact even after the body has digested it. Mango also has an antioxidant quality, which protects the body from several diseases. It is rich in Vitamin C and beta-carotene.

It is also a big enemy of diabetesfrom stress and cholesterol. And even more, the large amount of fibers found in the edible part of the mango makes it possible to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and blood cholesterol levels.

Nutritionists highly recommend green mango. According to them, she purifies the liver and relieves stomach achesespecially after a period of overeating.

Bonuses: Always choose your mango when it is still firm and supple, a little colored but without bruising. Never put it in the refrigerator, it will spoil its flavor. But keep it in a dry place at an ambient temperature not less than 8°C.



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