Marc Wilmots, not seduced by this last international break: “It’s a cemetery for coaches”

If he prefers not to talk about the Devils (“I didn’t even watch the four games, I just saw a few games including Germany – Italy and Franc e – Croatia”), Marc Wilmots spoke of this League of Nations which artificially extended the already trying season for footballers. “Throughout the season, the players accumulate minor injuries at the club, which remains their employer, let’s not forget. Holidays are also used to repair all that, sometimes even with an intervention. Putting four games in this period means is disturbing. The players were squeezed like lemons and we have seen the results of the big nations, those where the players have had a lot of matches. Footballers need a four-week regeneration period before resuming the season. ‘after.”

A drug for (television) viewers

In absolute terms, the former Devils coach is not against the League of Nations. “It’s not less good than the friendlies before, on the contrary. But let’s just stop putting four games like that in June. Two would have been very good, even if I know that the calendar is upset by the trip the World Cup in late fall. I’m surprised to see how successful these games are still, at the box office and on TV. I thought that if we showed too much football, people would end up being tired. But I was wrong. Football has become a drug, you can never get enough of it. Fifa and UEFA have also noticed it and continue to load the calendar since it works anyway.”

If the players suffer from it physically, the coaches also pay for it, in another way. “It’s a graveyard of coaches. The coach can’t do miracles. He finds himself facing a group where there is no more juice. He is helpless, even if the guys have talent and l The physical aspect is too important in top-level football. Even though we know it, the coach is still judged. A defeat and we say that his rating goes down, that he makes bad choices, etc. . In fact, he can’t do anything.”

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