Marine Lorphelin explains if it is good to drink lemon juice in the morning

This morning, let’s take some vitamins and see what the benefits of lemon are. Already, it is a very low calorie fruit, slightly sweet and very rich in vitamins. It is therefore full of benefits. The main one is its high content of vitamin C, which facilitates the absorption of iron to fight against deficiencies. It participates in the stimulation of the immune system and strengthens it against viral infections.

Lemon is also rich in minerals, calcium, potassium and flavonoid, a complicated word for antioxidants. Its acidity is explained by the presence of citric acid which contributes to good absorption of calcium and good digestion.

Lime differs from lemon. It is not a lemon that has not ripened but the fruit of another tree, the lime tree. Nutritionally, they are similar, although the lime is more acidic and richer in certain minerals, vitamin A and B9, while the lemon is richer in vitamin C.

Drinking lemon in the morning or before a big meal helps digestion. Citric acid stimulates the secretion of bile acids which participate in the digestion of lipids. However, limit lemon juice if you have a fragile stomach and in particular gastric reflux problems which it could accentuate.

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