Meta revises its plans for augmented reality glasses

Meta revises its plans for augmented reality glasses

Meta was supposed to bring augmented reality glasses to market in 2024. The tech giant is revising its plans: their launch will probably be postponed for a few years.

Project Nazare: this is the name of Meta’s project to develop the first functional version of augmented reality (AR) glasses, glasses that add a digital layer to reality. While they were originally scheduled to be on the market by 2024their launch would now be on hold.

Meta is reportedly planning to release the second version of its AR glasses, developed under the project name Artemis, to the consumer market at an as-yet-unknown date.

According to the American media The Information, the first version of the AR glasses will give way to a demonstration model. Why this decision? It is simply the result of a cost reduction, in particular within Reality Labs, the division of Meta responsible for the development of virtual and augmented reality applications. Management indicated, after the release of quarterly figures in April, that it wanted to cut spending up to $3 billion.

The team behind the Nazare project will now focus on AR software, which should make it easier for developers to create apps for the glasses. According to The Information, Meta plans to market the second version of its AR glassesdeveloped under the project name Artemison the consumer market, at a date still unknown.

Stop for the rival watch of the Apple Watch

Meta is currently struggling with a slower sales growthleading Mark Zuckerberg’s company to reduce its workforce.

Earlier this week, Bloomberg also announced that the technology company would stop developing one of its smartwatches, the Milan, supposed to arrive on the market next year. The device, which was to compete with the Apple Watch, was equipped with two cameras. Meta is still working on other smartwatches, however.

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