Microsoft launches an antivirus on iPhone

Defender is Microsoft’s new antivirus, available on Android and iOS.

This week, Microsoft is releasing a new cybersecurity app. The latter is called “Defender” and is available on Windows computers, macOS, iOS devices and Android. Note that this is not Microsoft’s default antivirus commonly called Microsoft Defender, but a new service open to all devices.

“Extend Windows device protections to iOS, Android and macOS devices for cross-platform malware protection on the devices you and your family use most”presents Microsoft.

An “inter-device security” service

Defender is part of Microsoft’s 365 offering. The basic formula of the latter is available from 5.10 euros per month.

The mission of this new antivirus is to improve online security on smartphones, PCs or Macs. For this, Defender takes the form of a centralized dashboard supposed to alert in the event of a security problem. The interface centralizes all the user’s devices and then analyzes and details their cybersecurity needs. It is therefore possible to see whether the various devices used in the household are protected against online threats. And therefore, to control all the security parameters of its devices from a single place. Note that the dashboard works in combination with third-party security solutions. For example, Norton and McAfee.

The dashboard is based on Endpoint technology. By way of definition, this technology aims to protect access points to the computer network. By “endpoint”, we must therefore understand “entry point”, and therefore, all electronic devices such as PCs, laptops, smartphones or tablets.

Prevention is better than cure

This new antivirus will offer the user a series of tips and recommendations to better protect their data. Notifications will alert him if his system is exposed to any danger. “And, as you expand your digital footprint by adding family members and devices, Defender grows with you and keeps your defenses up to date with reliable technology”the statement said.

Specifically, the offer includes antivirus and anti-phishing protection. And, for the sequel, Microsoft plans to assemble more features, such as identity theft protection and secure online login.

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