Microsoft promises 5 major Xbox exclusions by June 2023

Microsoft promises 5 major Xbox exclusions by June 2023

Two of them are already known.

During a virtual briefing, Microsoft confirmed plans to release five “first-party” games by June 2023. A relatively steady pace that would match that of last year.

In 2021, Microsoft had released Halo Infinite, Psychonauts 2, Flight Simulator, Age of Empires IV and Forza Horizon 5 in quick succession.

The publisher should therefore do it again with five new titles by June 2023. Two have already been confirmed: the space RPG “Starfield”, by the creators of The Elder Scrolls, and “Redfall”, the new multiplayer FPS from Arkane.

Three other “first-party” titles should therefore be released by June 2023. Potentially also, three excluded Xbox / PC.

While Microsoft has already announced a broad line-up of titles, most aren’t expected to release until late 2023/2024 at the earliest. Fable, Perfect Dark, Everwild or even State of Decay 3 seem excluded. On the other hand, Avowed, the new Forza Motorsport and Hellblade 2 could well be some of the lucky ones. Unless, of course, Microsoft has some little surprises in store for us…

One thing is certain: Microsoft is well aware of not having been able to deliver new exclusions in recent months and intends to turn the corner in the coming months with very big projects.

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