MX Mechanical: a keyboard of formidable efficiency

One does not change a winning formula. Logitech has understood this well with its MX Mechanical, a backlit keyboard with mechanical keys, which takes up the formula of one of its most popular keyboards, the MX Keys.

The MX Mechanical is the new Rolls-Royce of wireless keyboards for professionals. The keyboard is available in two models, with or without a numeric keypad. Be careful, the budget is however quite high: 180€ with, 160€ without.

The particularity of this model is of course the mechanical keys, particularly suitable for office use with fast and precise typing. The keyboard adopts a resolutely premium design, with a stylish aluminum frame. The configuration is on the other hand close to that of the MX Keys, with keys which are not very spaced, and located at mid-height (2.6cm). Small retractable feet also allow you to adjust the positioning of the keyboard. In practice, this keyboard is very pleasant to use on a daily basis, especially if you type a lot of emails and documents. It is of a rare velocity. It also adapts to other uses: multimedia with its quick access buttons, gaming, etc. Its low-key keys also allow you to enter texts very quickly since they are activated halfway through, which avoids many typing errors. No need to press the key all the way down.

The keyboard is available in two models, with and without a numeric keypad.

However, two small flaws emerge in use: it will take some time to become familiar with the third-party functions of the keys, the system not being very instinctive. The keyboard is also quite noisy in use. It is therefore not necessarily suitable for use in the office, with colleagues.

Considering the price, we could of course expect features galore and Logitech does not disappoint. The keyboard is nicely backlit, it connects via Bluetooth or via a dongle, it supports connections up to three different devices with an easy-switch system, incorporates some original shortcuts (such as dictation or emojis), you can also configure some shortcuts via dedicated software. In short, it works quite well.

On the autonomy side, the MX Mechanical lasts about 15 days on a single charge, a little less if you use it a lot with the backlight at maximum. It charges via USB-C pretty quickly. It’s still a bit short, but a warning light will always remind you when the battery tends to drop sharply. Practical, then!

Difficult not to be seduced by the proposal. In use, the MX Mechanical is a real delight. A keyboard that is both elegant, robust and extremely efficient for encoding texts. Very comfortable to use, this model is only intended for those who use their keyboard daily.

The +:

  • The very sober design
  • The smart backlight
  • The easy switch
  • A great feeling

The – :

  • A fairly high price (€179.99)
  • quite noisy
  • Not easy to access third-party key functions

So, do we crack?

With its very discreet design, the MX Mechanical does not look like much. However, it is a model of formidable efficiency for encoding texts quickly. This keyboard with mechanical keys has the particularity of being equipped with low-key keys that do not have to be pressed completely to activate. Which means there are fewer typos. Backlit, configurable, robust and very comfortable to use, the MX Mechanical is a very valuable ally for editing professionals. It also incorporates a very practical easy-switch system between three machines. However, it will be necessary to devote a nice budget to it. Count 180€ for the model with numeric keypad and 160 for the one without. In use, the accessory is also quite noisy and requires a little getting used to with its system of third-party functions.

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