Netflix: only a week left to see the most distinguished of vigilantes – Actus Ciné

Netflix: only a week left to see the most distinguished of vigilantes – Actus Ciné

Driven by Denzel Washington more on edge than ever, Antoine Fuqua’s “Equalizer” is leaving Netflix in a few days. The announcement of a third opus at the cinema is the perfect opportunity to catch up.

An emblematic series from the eighties, Equalizer went from the small to the big screen in 2014 under the direction of Antoine Fuqua. Goodbye Edward Woodward and hello Denzel Washington. The film follows in the footsteps of television fiction and tells the story of a former secret agent who tries to turn the page.

Employed in a DIY store, he plunges back into the activities of his past when Teri (Chloë Grace Moretz), a young woman he met in a restaurant a few days earlier, becomes the victim of a group of Russian mobsters. Equalizer does not do lace, but brings together all the codes that make the success of action thrillers.

Upon its release, Antoine Fuqua’s film exceeded expectations. At the box office, it brought in nearly $200 million worldwide – for a budget of $55 million. The box is such that a sequel, still directed by the director, sees the light of day four years later. The success is confirmed.

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Denzel Washington and Chloë Grace Moretz in “Equalizer”.

After a radio silence of several months, Agent McCall – still played by Denzel Washington – will return in a third opus, already dated for August 30, 2023. Alongside the Oscar-winning actor, Dakota Fanning joins the cast . It’s the first time since Tony Scott’s Man on Fire, released in 2004, that they will play opposite each other again.

While the franchise Equalizer a hit in the cinema, she also made her return to TV. The program, embodied by Queen Latifah, is broadcast on CBS and has had the right to a season 2. A third is yet to be confirmed.

Equalizer leaves the Netflix catalog on June 30.

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