New bitter failure of Eric Zemmour in France: “His political future is more behind him than in front of him”

Political scientist at the ULB and attentive follower of French politics, Pascal Delwit believes that the political movement of the former polemicist of Laurent Ruquier is now “stillborn”

Did Eric Zemmour make the worst choice of his career when, at the end of November, he entered politics by formalizing his candidacy for the French presidential and legislative elections? In view of the results, Sunday evening, the former polemicist of Laurent Ruquier must curse this famous day of November 30, 2021 during which he crossed the Rubicon by putting his journalistic vocation on hold to embrace a political career. Since then, Zemmour has been collecting disappointments.

In the early days, a royal road was however all traced, according to certain French media. With an overmediatization never seen for a neophyte if we except the Coluche episode in 81.

To the point that some polls credited him with up to 19% of voting intentions and even sent him to the second round of the presidential election. But quickly, the candidate of Reconquest, returned to the ranks, starting a spectacular decrease in the polls as the controversies. Result: the presidential election is a fiasco. With 7.07% of the vote, Zemmour is crushed by the one he considered his main rival in the race for the second round, the candidate of the National Rally Marine Le Pen (23.15%).

For many followers of politics, Zemmour’s big mistake was to persist on a theme of immigration that had become incidental at a time when purchasing power was of greater concern to the French.

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