Inflection Games presented its latest trailer of the crafting and survival game Nightingale during the Summer Games Fest of today. The trailer showcases Realm Cards, Automaton enemies, and other unique gameplay mechanics that will empower Realmwalkers who venture into the immersive fantasy universe of Nightingale.

As the trailer shows, the Realm Cards of Nightingale give players an innovative way to influence their experience of navigating the network of mystical portals. By wielding magic-infused Realm Cards wisely, intrepid Realmwalkers have the power to determine the specific attributes of each new Faewild world they summon.

Players can craft Realm Cards from resources collected from realms and thus grant them unique attributes, including type of environment, weather conditions, resources, challenges and more. The attributes of these cards are coupled with the sophisticated procedural generation system of Nightingaleallowing players to create a kingdom based on set conditions, increasing the variety of exploration, possibilities for discovery, and adventure.

The new trailer also showcases the main features of the game, including crafting, estate building, and combat, which players can discover solo or in cooperation. Finally, the trailer features the Automaton, a new calculating Fae enemy that Realmwalkers will encounter on their adventures in the realms.

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