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The next LoL champion will be Nilah, a champion who will play botlane but shouldn’t be a standard ADC. Riot has already revealed the first info on it.

After Exit from Bel’Vethwho was a nether jungler, the next champion will be played in the botlane. Please note, however: Nilah is not an ADCit’s more of a skirmisher or bruiser style, but should still play in bot lane.

Here is the information that has been shown by Riot Games regarding the new champion of LoL.

Nilah, an upcoming LoL bruiser champion who will be played in the botlane

The League of Legends team has unveiled a first gameplay video of Nilah, which allows you to see what to expect in game.

In this video, we can see that Nilah seems to be a rather mobile champion, who attacks melee although she seems to have a spell that allows her to also attack from a distance.

This aligns with what Riot teased about the champion during the January Champion Action Plan (source). In this video, the developers described the champion who would follow Bel’Veth as a “non-traditional bot lane champion”. Indeed, Nilah does not appear to be a standard ADC.

In fact, she should be similar to a champion like yasuowhich is a melee carry that can be played in the bottom lane.

In terms of appearance and lore, Nilah seems to be equated with water and therefore more broadly with champions of Bilgewater, the island of the pirates. In the video, she is shown facing champions like Pyke and Tahm Kench who are also from this land.

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