No more Regions?  For a Belgium founded on “four States”…

No more Regions? For a Belgium founded on “four States”…

In a document designed as a “contribution” to the institutional debate with a view to 2024, the Jules Destrée Institute advocates an organization of the country which zaps the “Regions” in favor of “federated States”. A step towards confederalism? No thanks…

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VSThis is a “contribution to the public debate on the institutional future of Belgium”, reopened in particular, as we know, by the federal government via its online “citizen consultation”, all this with a view to 2024 and the presumed seventh reform of the state. In this case, this “contribution” comes from a think tankwhich is also a center of studies, the Jules Destrée Institute, almost a century old (it was founded in 1938), located in Namur, historically militant Walloon federalist.

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