“No one can understand what I experienced there”

Maros Tancos, 45, and Joanna Gomulska, 46, forced their victims to work non-stop for free and locked them in the property for several years. The couple had recruited their victims from care homes and orphanages in Slovakia, promising them stable work and a better life in the UK.

However, upon arrival, the victims were forced to work in the Tancos car wash, as well as perform other manual labor. The victims were verbally and physically abused, and all of their personal belongings were taken from them. They had to share a three-bedroom house with a single bathroom and slept on dirty mattresses.

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“I went there because I wanted to support my family and give them more than they had in Slovakia,” one victim told The Sun. “I was not allowed to leave the house and the only thing I knew was work. All the time I thought I was a slave there. »

Another victim, detained for eight years, said the pair had “destroyed half of her life”. “The way I was humiliated, for every little thing I was hit and punished. I will never forget that,” he said. “No one can understand what I went through there if they weren’t there too. »

Between 2010 and 2017, the couple embezzled nearly 350,000 euros via accounts opened in the names of their victims. The two executioners were caught when a victim who had managed to return to Slovakia filed a complaint with the authorities.

In March, both were convicted of nine offenses including human trafficking and forced labor. Tancos is serving a 16-year sentence while Gomulska is imprisoned for 9 years for complicity.


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