Nobuy, the application for loans between friends, arrives in Wallonia

Launched in November 2021, Nobuy is a French application facilitating the lending and borrowing of everyday objects between friends and family. Good news for those interested: it has just landed in Wallonia!

If you did not know Nobuy, you will soon hear about it en masse. Created in November 2021 by two Lille residents, Florent Vanhove and Wael Abou-Dahr, this application advocates a profound change in our consumption patterns. Exit overconsumption, make way for a more circular economy. With Nobuy, Florent and Wael intend to promote the loan of everyday tools rather than purchases. Six months later, the application is exported to Wallonia.

“Initially, the application was designed for three reasons”tells us Timothé Deguette, social media manager of Nobuy. “There is of course the ecological aspect, since we promote loans between relatives instead of buying an object that we will only use once or twice. Then, the purchasing power of users is greatly improved, because they save money!”

Florent and Wael, the two creators of the app.

Finally, the application is social. Like a social network, Nobuy allows us to find all our friends and family members with whom to exchange and share all our objects. “That’s why the app works. Users lend to loved ones, whom they trust.”

All everyday objects are listed

Nobuy currently offers to save thousands of everyday objects listed according to categories such as ‘Board games’, ‘Books’, ‘Camping’ or even ‘Multimedia’. All categories are represented and the objects offered are very vast. This ranges from a raclette machine to ski equipment, including tennis rackets and even a tablet. And in terms of use, the application is very intuitive.

“The principle is simple. Let’s say I need a hedge trimmer for my garden. Instead of going to buy one for about forty euros at the store, I can look on the application which are my friends who have one and who would agree to lend it to me. There is no need to send a message to all my contacts, the app automatically tells me who has one.”

Finally, Nobuy has a memory aid to know to whom we have lent this or that object as well as a messaging functionality to interact directly with our contacts. A website is also under development and will use the same functionalities as the app. The creators also aim to bring together professionals and associations in the app so that they too can lend their tools.

Good results in … 6 months

It is clear that in just over half a year, the application works quite well. 11,000 objects are currently in circulation on Nobuy, 2,500 daily users are registered and nearly a hundred objects are loaned out each month.

“We are satisfied to see how well the application works, especially since we communicate with our means. We use a lot of press, social networks and word-of-mouth and our business model is not based on any in-app advertising. Nobuy is so far mostly popular with 30-40 year olds and younger students on a tighter budget.”

Finally, the application offers a package for companies to facilitate loans between colleagues as well as within a group, with the ‘Nobuy for Team’ offer. “This service allows CSR/CSE elected officials to help their colleagues gain purchasing power… but not only! It allows employees to borrow an object easily, meet other employees, save money and reduce their environmental impact”adds Timothé Deguette.

For now, the application is only available in French-speaking Belgium. “We are open to any proposal, but have not received a real request for Flanders. The advantage with Wallonia is that you have the same domestic language as us French people. That’s why it was easy to bring the app to you.”

Nobuy is available for free on iOS and Android.

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