Non-Store Delivery Purchases: Blizzard Gives Emblems to Apologize – Diablo Immortal

Over the past few days, several players have reported bugs with Diablo Immortal’s store. Indeed, some have purchased items but have not been delivered. Others talk about chests that can be bought only once and which, following a game crash or another event, have been debited without receiving the precious sesame. They could even buy the safe a second time, proof that there was a problem.

On the side of Blizzard, no official explanations. Customer service invites players to wait three days, but this prevents asking Google for a refund of the in-app purchase, for example, since the request must be made no more than 48 hours after the purchase.

That said, things did work out for some users who finally received the purchased items, sometimes with an apology from Blizzard and, as a bonus, a legendary emblem and six rare emblems.

Note that this gift is not systematic. Diablo Immortal is still young and there is no doubt that the problems will gradually be resolved, whether for in-game bugs or those related to the store. For players who have been debited without receiving the items, you have to be patient and continue to follow the case with customer service:/

Have you ever experienced such a mishap with Diablo Immortal?

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