One Piece, Ghostbusters, The Sandman… All Netflix Geeked Week announcements

One Piece, Ghostbusters, The Sandman… All Netflix Geeked Week announcements


What are Netflix’s announcements during its Geeked Week event? The streaming platform does not skimp to show new images of its future series. Follow the guide to learn a little more about all his projects.

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For the second edition of its Geeked Week, Netflix sows announcements one by one, showing itself to be not stingy with new images of its projects. In this article, we take stock of the latter, day by day, until the end of the event on June 10.

First images for One Piece in live action

Still filming, the series One Piece in live action unveiled its first images. It is mainly about concept art and decorative elements under construction, but it must be admitted that Netflix seems to have put the means to get closer to the animated adventures of Luffy. That said, Cowboy Bebob (among others) has shown in the past that adaptations live popular anime could quickly come to an end. To be continued, then.

Also highly anticipated, the series centered on Wednesday Addams, produced and directed by Tim Burton, was unveiled with a first glimpse of the look of Jenna Ortega, who takes over from Christina Ricci in the title role. The latter will also appear in the series alongside Catherine Zeta-Jones and Luis Guzman in Morticia and Gomez Addams.

To stay in the revivals come from the 20th century, we learned of the start of a new animated series in the universe of ghostbusters. Jason Reitman, son of the director of Ghostbusters original and director of the latest installment, Afterlifeis working on the development of this project in partnership with Sony Pictures Animation.

Disney-style animation on Netflix

Very nice catch for the red N, which managed to attract a very large fish into its nets. Chris Williams was previously known for directing and co-directing for Disney Big Hero 6 and Moana (in addition to having worked on the screenplays of Kuzco and bolt. It is therefore very surprising to see him out of the Disney stable for his new film, The Sea Beast, a cartoon that looks a lot like recent productions from the big-eared studio, at least graphically. See you on July 8 to find out more.

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Still on the animation side, we admit to being curious about the Wendell & Wildif only because it will be written and directed by Henry Selick, partner of Tim Burton on The strange Christmas of Mr. Jack also behind the sublime Coraline. A cartoon in stop-motion with a strange style, led to the voice cast by Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key, whose incredible sneakers we recommend to you in passing for Comedy Central.

In another register, the first images of the film Troll they also seem very appealing to us. Made in Norway by Roar Uthaug (tomb Raider), this story of a giant troll waking up from a long sleep promises to be grandiose, in addition to being a great way to explore Norwegian folklore.

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The Sandman approximate

With The Sandman, a graphic novel series of around 2000 pages, Netflix knows it: it’s make or break. This kind of very ambitious project can give birth to a cult series if the whole thing is well executed, but can just as easily collapse as the film adaptation of The Dark Tower of Stephen King, for example. For The Sandman, it is the work of Neil Gaiman which is about to come to life on August 5th – and the author is particularly invested in the project. A story of deities in charge of regulating our world, with a main character in charge of the realm of dreams and nightmares. So here is the last trailer dated :

Another adaptation very close to us in time, the series resident Evil will land on July 14. The new trailer confirms the impression of the first: it is not yet this time that we will be entitled to a faithful adaptation of the famous video game saga. Here, it’s about the end of the world, giant insects and whatnot. Hopefully at least the story will be worth it on its own.

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Derived from a saga of literature adult, The School For Good and Evil will be made into a film on Netflix. Charlize Theron leads a very beautiful cast where we also find Laurence Fishburne, Kerry Washington and Michelle Yeoh, in a story centered around a school where the heroes and villains of fairy tales are trained. An ambitious project directed by Paul Feig, which should land next September.

If you like John Wick and Dracula, know that an action film with Jamie Foxx is vampires is also in the works, under the name of Day-Shift.

Guillermo Del Toro and Mike Flanagan tell us scary stories

One of the new projects announced during Geeked Week concerns director Guillermo Del Toro. The Mexican filmmaker, whose adaptation of Pinocchio is already scheduled for Netflix in 2022, surrounded himself with seven colleagues specializing in genre cinema to open his Cabinet of curiosities. This anthology will be split into eight episodes, each telling a scary story from the imagination of Del Toro. No specific date for the moment, but the series should also be broadcast in 2022.

Horror is decidedly the genre that Netflix seems to thrive in, and it has long since found itself a master at it. After The Haunting of Hill House, Bly Manor and Midnight Masshere comes Mike Flanagan’s new creation for the Red N: The Midnight Club. A first teaser has been unveiled for this project, which we learned about last year, and which should be released on October 7. Remember that Flanagan must then set to work on an adaptation of The Fall of The House of Usher, the great classic by Edgar Allan Poe, still for Netflix. We look forward.

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Always in the news department, we also had the right to a first teaser for 1899next creation of the team of Darkthis German series which had confused many minds during its broadcast between 2017 and 2020. It still looks very twisted.

All of Us Are Dead there will be a second season

Propelled by the tidal wave Squid GameSouth Korean series are more popular than ever on Netflix. All of Us Are Dead is a perfect example of the phenomenon. This highly graphic zombie series quickly became one of the most viewed non-English speaking content on the platform, despite being a highly codified genre and generally catering to a niche audience. In any case, these performances ensured him the imminent arrival of a second season. No date has been announced however, but it is hoped that it will happen sooner than for Squid Gamethe continuation of which is planned for the end of 2023, or even the beginning of 2024.

In the same spirit, the red N prepares School Tales The Series, an anthology this time from Thailand set against a backdrop of frightening local legends, ghost stories and horrific tales. As for Japanese Alice in Borderlandseason 2 has unveiled its first images and should be released soon.

Finally, if you like All of us are dead and Alice in Borderlandknow that a Japanese zombie film is planned, but rather in a comic register.

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