Paris attacks: from five years to life imprisonment required against the 20 accused

Paris attacks: from five years to life imprisonment required against the 20 accused

Sentences ranging from five years’ imprisonment to irreducible life were requested on Friday by the national anti-terrorist prosecutor’s office (Pnat) against the 20 defendants tried since September in Paris at the trial of the November 13 attacks.

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Lhe National Anti-Terrorist Prosecutor’s Office (Pnat) demanded on Friday at the trial of the November 13 attacks life imprisonment with an incompressible security period against Salah Abdeslam, the only surviving member of the commandos who killed 130 people in Paris and Saint -Denis.

This extremely rare sanction, which makes the possibility of a sentence adjustment very small, was requested “in view of the immense gravity of the facts” which are reproached to the 32-year-old Frenchman, “key actor” in the attacks.

At the hearing, “despite his words, despite his tears, Salah Abdeslam remained faithful to his ideology until the end” and never expressed “the slightest remorse”, reprimanded Advocate General Camille Hennetier.

Life imprisonment with a 22-year security period for Abrini

Against Mohamed Abrini, the “second survivor of the death convoy” who had given up on the evening of November 13 and had returned to Belgium, the prosecution demanded life imprisonment with a security period. 22 years during which he will not be able to benefit from any release.

The public prosecutor has requested life imprisonment with 30 years of security against the Swede Osama Krayem and the Tunisian Sofien Ayari, “high-level members” of the jihadist cell suspected of having wanted to commit an attack at the airport from Amsterdam on 13-November.

Life imprisonment with a security period of 22 years was also claimed against the “logistician” Mohamed Bakkali, “kingpin of the cell” according to the Pnat.

Sentences of 20 years’ imprisonment have been requested against Muhammad Usman and Adel Haddadi, the “disgruntled operatives” stranded on their way back from Syria.

The prosecution requested sentences ranging from five years’ imprisonment to 16 years’ imprisonment against seven other defendants “involved in varying degrees”, suspected of having assisted in the cell.

Against Ahmed Dahmani, imprisoned in Turkey and judged by default by the special assize court in Paris, the anti-terrorist prosecutor’s office requested 30 years’ imprisonment, accompanied by a two-thirds security period.

And against the five executives of the Islamic State group presumed dead and also tried in absentia, the prosecution requested life sentences, including for the sponsor of the attacks Osama Atar an incompressible security period.

The national anti-terrorist prosecutor’s office also demanded that bans from the national territory, for 10 years or definitive, be pronounced against all the accused, with the exception of those who have French nationality, including Salah Abdeslam.

The verdict is expected to be delivered on June 29.

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