Pierre-Yves Dermagne at Jeudi en Prime: the “fuel oil” allowance of 225 euros will be implemented next week

During this demonstration, the unions had as a demand a revision of the 1996 Law on competitiveness, a law which fixes a wage margin and which did not allow, during the last negotiation of the interprofessional agreement, to increase the wages above 0.4%.

“As a socialist, I plead for us to be able to restore the bargaining power of the social partners”estimated Pierre-Yves Dermagne, challenging the 1996 Law, “as modified by the MR-N-VA government of Charles Michel”.

However, the government agreement does not provide for a review of this 1996 law. “The government agreement may change at times depending on the situation,” estimated Pierre-Yves Dermagne, Socialist Deputy Prime Minister of the De Croo government. According to Pierre-Yves Dermagne, the government agreement also provides “to give space to social consultation, to negotiation between unions and employers”he specifies, considering that “the share of the wealth created by workers in Belgium which is theirs, which has decreased over the past four years”.

In the coming days, the unions, with a petition, will ask Parliament to discuss the revision of the 1996 Act. “The position will be defended by the representatives of the socialist group in parliament and we will see how to change the position and move the lines”declared Pierre-Yves Dermagne, aware that all the parties are far from being on the same wavelength. “It is clear that the liberals do not have the same point of view as the socialists on this point.“, he pointed out.

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