Prime Video: only 7 days left to see one of the best horror films of the 2010s – Actus Ciné

Prime Video: only 7 days left to see one of the best horror films of the 2010s – Actus Ciné

Released in 2018, A Quiet Place quickly became one of the most beloved horror films of the past decade. You only have one week left to catch up on Amazon’s platform.

The third feature film directed by actor John Krasinski, eternal Jim of The Office US, A Quiet Place is the first foray into horror by an artist who spent all the promotion of the film saying that he had no never been a fan of the horror genre. However, it is clear that the gentleman has a certain talent for this kind of productions.

Very well made, the low-budget feature film – which tells how a family tries to survive against mysterious creatures that attack at the slightest noise in a post-apocalyptic world – has also been a hit at the box office (around 341 millions of dollars collected worldwide), to the point that a second episode was born. But it also won over critics.

Quietly has indeed garnered 96% positive reviews on the American reference site Rotten Tomatoes. On AlloCiné, it is one of the 15 best horror films of the 2010 decade according to viewers. Well-deserved results for this oppressive and tense but also particularly touching nugget.

Because if the film respects many codes of horror and will leave you breathless on several occasions, it is above all a family story that John Krasinski tells. It is also impossible not to become attached to the Abbotts, whose parents, ready to do anything to save their family, are embodied by the director and his wife in the city, Emily Blunt, and the children by the young but already talented Millicent Simmonds and Noah Skirt.

If you haven’t seen it yet, run to catch it on Prime Video before June 19, when it will leave the platform!

A Quiet Place 2 trailer:

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