Prime Video teases its film with Harry Styles and Emma Corrin “My Policeman”!

Prime Video teases its film with Harry Styles and Emma Corrin “My Policeman”!

Harry Styles fans will be thrilled. And for good reason, the latter will land on Prime Video.

It’s official, Harry Style will soon be arriving on Prime Video. Besides, the platform finally teases this new project. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

New features are coming to Prime Video

Needless to say, competition is fierce on the side of online streaming platforms. Thereby, Prime Video redoubles its efforts to maintain its position in the market. And yes, nothing should be left to chance.

For this, Prime Video shows great creativity. Films, series or documentaries, the platform imposes itself on all fronts. To the delight of its many subscribers. And yes, whatever the tastes, everyone can find what they are looking for!

Moreover, on the side of novelties, big projects are being prepared. Indeed, the online streaming platform has decided to renew its Celebrity Hunted program. And for this season 2, the cast seems tailor-made. Michou, Inoxtag or even MacFly and Carlito then responded. Yes, just that!

On the side of the series, again Prime Video is likely to be very strong. And for good reason, season 3 of Top Boys is about to make its arrival in the catalog. Moreover, these new episodes promise to be even more explosive than the previous ones. Very cool !

But that’s not all, Prime Video seems to want to continue this momentum. Thereby, Harry Style is also about to land on the platform. MCE TV tells you more!

Prime Video teases its film with Harry Styles and Emma Corrin
Prime Video teases its film with Harry Styles and Emma Corrin “My Policeman”!

Harry Style arrives in My Policeman

It’s no secret Harry Style has come a long way since his One Direction debut. If the artist don’t regret this boy band experience at all, he nevertheless decided to turn the page. Thus, he finds himself today at the head of “My Policeman” on Prime Video.

For this new film, Prime Video has decided to put the small dishes in the big ones. Thus, a tailor-made casting was mobilized. Indeed, platform subscribers will be able to find Harry Styles, Emma Corrin, Gina McKee, Linus Roache, David Dawson but also Rupert Everett. Yes, just that!

In reality, this new film is based on the book by Bethan Roberts and traces the story of three characters immersed in Great Britain in the 1950s. Tom, Marion and Patrick will live a journey rich in emotions marked by a love story forbidden according to social conventions.

Once in the 90s, the three new heroes of Prime Video will have one last chance to mend the broken pots of the past. While they still seem nourished by regrets and lovethe latter are once again preparing to live a great story.

This new Prime Video project therefore looks very promising. It must be said that the team behind the film seems custom made. The director is Michael Grandage, the screenplay is Ron Nyswanner and the producer is Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter, Robbie Rogers, Cora Palfrey and Philip Herd.

One thing is sure, My Policeman going to make a lot of noise on Prime Video. See you on November 4, 2022. To be continued.

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