Queen Paola and King Albert made their first public appearance after several months of absence

These are the first images, in public, of our former sovereigns for almost 4 months. King Albert and Queen Paola made an appearance this Wednesday afternoon at the award ceremony for the Queen Paola Foundation for Education. Last March, Queen Paola fractured her right humeral neck in a fall. She then had to observe a period of convalescence of eight weeks, during which she could not honor her official activities.

For this 26th edition, the prize was for teachers and school teams in ordinary and specialized nursery and primary education for all networks of the French-speaking and Dutch-speaking communities. The Walloon winner is Yves Paul Muret, sixth grade teacher at Saint-Joseph d’Ohain school, for having launched a novel project based on a historical event with his pupils.

In addition to writing, they also had to illustrate the different chapters and ensure the promotion of the book, in particular by producing an advertising spot, launching a crowdfunding campaign and talking about the book to the press. The book was then put up for sale. The kindergarten “De Springplank” in Bruges is the winner for Flanders thanks to its “innovative approach to kindergarten”.

The school focuses on 21st century issues such as cultural education or raising awareness of gender issues through team teaching and the development of a creative learning environment. The two winners each won a prize worth 6,500 euros.

Every year since 1996, the Queen Paola Prize for Teaching rewards teachers “who not only pass on their knowledge, but harmoniously build the personality of their students through concrete and original educational achievements.”

The prize is awarded by an independent jury made up of personalities from the academic, social, economic and educational world. For the year 2022-2023, the Queen Paola Prize will be aimed at teachers of classical and specialized secondary education in Wallonia and Flanders.

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