Raquel Garrido-Alexis Corbière case: Le Point apologizes and withdraws its article, “errors have been made”

Raquel Garrido-Alexis Corbière case: Le Point apologizes and withdraws its article, “errors have been made”

Accused by the weekly Le Point of employing an undocumented cleaning lady, Alexis Corbière and Raquel Garrido denied all the statements of the journalist who implicated them.

In an official statement, the MP couple said it was a “rpile of lies”. “Journalist Aziz Zemouri, who has been convicted of defamation on several occasions, imputes the following facts to us, all of which are false. This is false. This person would walk our youngest child. This is false. We would have accommodation in Paris. This is false. Our children would be educated in Paris. This is false. We would have promised papers to this person. This is false. We would have had exchanges by email and SMS with this person. This is false” insists the press release.

Following the strong reaction of the deputies, additional questions obviously arose within the drafting of the Point and the editor of the weekly, Etienne Gernelle, apologized to the deputies. “The additional checks that we carried out revealed to us that errors and breaches of caution had been made”, notes Etienne Gernelle.

“The immediate dismissal of Aziz Zemmouri”

The couple have already reacted to the director’s apologies. “I demand the immediate dismissal of Aziz Zemouri. I will not stop there. I do not forgive that he attacked our children. My family has suffered too much. The damage caused is indelible. I thank the citizens and journalists who helped to dismantle the slander”, notes the deputy on Twitter.

Alexis Corbière also asks that sanctions be taken. “It cannot stop there. The whole profession is concerned. It is the honor of the profession that is at stake and the confidence that citizens place in the press. Sanctions must be imposed”, claims the LFI deputy.

The leader of France Insoumise, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, also defended the deputies and tackled the media. “The slanderers of Corbière and Garrido confess their falsehood. They would do well to wonder about the slope they have taken and the reasons for which they use such informants”, notes the former presidential candidate.

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