Renovation of school buildings: here are the schools that will benefit from the money from the European Recovery Plan

Improving the energy performance of buildings is one of the points retained by the European Recovery Plan to modernize and revitalize Europe after the Covid crisis. It is in this context that the Wallonia-Brussels Federation had chosen to bet on the renovation of school buildings and had called, last October, on schools and their organizing authorities to enter projects in this direction.

In total, more than 570 schools had submitted an application to benefit from aid for the financing of renovation projects or the construction of school buildings. All of these files represented an amount of more than 700 million euros, which is much more than the budget allocated by Europe.

So choices had to be made. In the end, 149 school sites, together welcoming 50,000 students, were selected by the government of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

To decide between renovation projects, “objective criteria have focused on the most qualitative files to contribute to the energy transition but also to the well-being of our students and our teaching staff”, communicates Minister Daerden, in charge of the Budget and School Buildings.

In total, it is 269 million euros in subsidies that will be distributed between these schools. To these subsidies will be added the financing provided by the schools to lead to an amount of more than 400 million euros invested in school buildings. The Wallonia-Brussels Federation will guarantee the loans and cover the interests of the organizing authorities for the part not subsidized by the European Recovery Plan.

There was no need to wait any longer to select the projects to be subsidized via the European Recovery Plan. As Minister Daerden explained, “We have deadlines to meet. The budgets that we will devote within the framework of this envelope must be committed by the end of 2023. They must be achieved and paid for by the end of 2026”.

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